Workouts on the Go for Busy People

There are a whole raft of companies offering apps and programmes to help young people with busy lives fit more exercise into their days.  Some of these brands include The Body Boss Method, or the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, which are both available to buy online.  You can then download the programmes, which take you through day by day, gradually getting harder as you reach your fitness goals.

The idea is that you purchase the programme, which is often a 12 week long cycle of workouts.  These workouts include HIIT training, resistance and often plyometric exercises (high energy jumping style movements).  The workouts are often relatively short (think around half an hour) but really do make you work hard in that time!  People can post their progress photos on social media and there is a real community surrounding these workouts.

People have made amazing progress using these styles of workouts, and they can be really good for getting you into a routine of working out regularly.  One good thing about them is they require little to no equipment, and can be done any time and any place.