Reducing the Sugar in Your Diet

It is often said by health professionals that sugar is one of the most dangerous substances we consume.  It is highly addictive, and the food manufacturers know this!  It is added to many products, even savoury items like bread, sauces, marinades and snacks.  We should certainly try to reduce the amount of sugar we consume each day, as it is not only terrible for our teeth, but it makes us fat, unhappy and unbalanced.

Some of the foods which are very high in sugar include junk foods like sweets, chocolates, sugary drinks, fizzy pop, bread, jarred sauces and marinades.  An easy way to cut out a lot of sugar is to make your own products – making your own cooking sauces from fresh vegetables and herbs instead of bought jars is a good technique.  Making your own bread is another way to reduce the sugar, as you can easily leave it out completely.