Is Yoga Good for Weight Loss

Yoga is a popular form of exercise which involves stretching your body and posing in different positions.  It is relaxing and many people swear by yoga as a good way to cool down, relax and destress after a long day!

Although yoga is good for lengthening and strengthening muscles, as it is not high impact it is not necessarily going to be good for weight loss.  It should be used as a supplementary exercise to help stretch out your muscles, particularly after strenuous workouts!  Ideal for using as a rest day activity too, when you want to do something which isn’t too much hard work.

There are several different variations of yoga, with some being performed in heated rooms, others being peformed at high speed to burn more calories.  The main benefit of yoga is a calmer mind and a relaxed body, so we say go ahead and enjoy as part of your healthy lifestyle.