How Do Meal Replacement Diets Work?

If you are looking for different ways to lose weight, you might be tempted by meal replacement diets.  These are designed for quick and easy weight loss, which takes a lot of the thought out of dieting!

The main names in these sorts of plans include Slim Fast, Celebrity Slim and Lighter Life.  They supply meal replacement milkshakes and/or bars which you eat instead of breakfast and lunch.  You then have a healthy and low calorie (usually around 500-600 calorie) main meal at dinner time.  You can often have a couple of 100kcal snacks throughout the day too, and you are encouraged to drink plenty of water.

These diets work by cutting the amount of calories consumed each day, limiting your daily intake down to between 1000-1200 calories, which is sufficient to lose between 1-3lbs each week.  Many people have found these diets do help them to lose weight, however be careful if you get bored easily – you will have the same meals two times each day of milkshake!