Busting Those Fitness Myths

There are lots of facts and myths floating around the fitness sphere.  Here, we break down those common myths!

You can make any exercise more effective

TRUE! You can make any exercise more effective either by increasing the resistance, or the speed of the movement.  Sometimes even a change in posture can make an exercise better – try standing instead of sitting to perform your favourite arm exercises for example.

There is a best way to lose weight

TRUE! Nearly any sensible exercise and diet plan will help you to lose a few lbs, but to really burn off fat you need to try metabolic resistance training.  This is fast circuit work where the upper body and lower body are worked alternatly so as not to over work one area.

Lifting weights will make you bulky

FALSE! Weight training will shape muscles but won’t make them bulky. In order to add real size to muscle you need to have a lot of testosterone within the body!