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Fitness in the Summertime

When the weather gets warmer, there are lots of activities we can have a go at to increase our fitness and have fun in the process! Have you tried surfing? Surfing is a great sport for fitness and having a brilliant time in the water. It is worth finding a great surfing school to teach you the ropes, and if you are down in Cornwall, we highly recommend Cornish Wave as an ideal place to find out about Newquay surf lessons based in Newquay, Cornwall. They offer friendly service and knowledgable people who are passionate about surfing and coasteering. Get in touch with them if you want to book lessons for surfing in Newquay!
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Getting Fit With Archery

Archery is a fantastic sport for getting fit in a fun way! It involves a great deal of upper body strength as well as developing your co-ordination and flexibility. In order to get the right results with archery, it is a good idea to kit yourself out with the right gear for the sport. One of the most popular styles of bow to use is the compound bow, which is often used within the olympic sports for archery. We recommend you talk to a good supplier in order to find the right bow style for you and to be fitted out with the correct size.

The Health Benefits of Walking Your Dog

Experiencing difficulty adhering to an activity program? Research demonstrates that mutts are really Nature’s ideal fitness coaches—steadfast, dedicated, fiery and energetic. What’s more, not at all like your companions, who may avoid an activity session in view of arrangements, additional tasks or awful climate, canines never give you a reason to forego working out. In Read more about The Health Benefits of Walking Your Dog[…]